SatLite Account

What is Satlite?

SatLite TV is the newest nationwide Prepaid Digital Pay TV service powered by Cignal. You can now watch with higher quality and more channels for an affordable price. The plan is flexible, you can choose from Load 99, Load 199 and Load 299 for your monthly subscription.

What is my smart card number and where can I find it?

Smart card number or CCA is located at the bottom of the box.

How do I retrieve my account number?

To get your account number, just text CIGNAL(space)SC(space)CCA Number and send to 5353 for Smart and Sun subscribers. CCA number is located at the bottom of the box.

Can I update my account details?

You can call our hotline, 88-888-222 for GMA or our provincial toll free hotline at #88-222 (for PLDT Landline only) and choose SatLite on the menu. Our customer care agent will be gladly to help and guide you for your concern.

What are the requirements needed to subscribe?

Here are the requirements for new subscribers:

  1. Completed Service Application Form
  2. Proof of Identification (must be standard and locally-issued with photo and signature)
    • Phil. Driver’s License
    • Passport with signature
    • Locally issued credit card with picture
    • SSS/GSIS/TIN ID (digitized card type)
    • New Unified Multi-purpose ID
    • Voter’s ID (card type)
    • Company ID
    • Senior Citizen’s ID

How do I apply for a secondary digital box?

Enjoy the digital experience in more than just 1 TV at home by having additional digital boxes. A maximum of 3 digital boxes per account is allowed, subject to applicable fees.

I want to upgrade my SatLite Subscription

You can upgrade your TV viewing experience with Load 199 and Load 299. Just contact us for more information.

SatLite Load

Can I use Cignal Load for SatLite?

SatLite is prepaid Pay TV service powered by Cignal and has its own load offers. Available loads are only Load 99, Load 199 and Load 299.

Still not loaded yet, I can't watch anything

Thank you for loading. Please wait the load within the day. Our system is processing high volume of requests as of the moment.

Error on reloading

We apologize for the inconvenience. If you're experiencing failed reloading transactions, you can contact our hotline at 88-888-222 for GMA or call to our provincial toll free hotline via #88-222.

When will my load expire?

To know if you have enough load and when will it expire, just text CIGNAL(space)EXP(space)SatLite Account Number to 5353.

How long is the validity of SatLite Load?

SatLite Load 99, Load 199 and Load 299 is valid for 30 days from the day you have loaded

Can I load to another plan even my current load is not yet expired?

You can load for new denomination (ex. Load 99 to Load 199) if your existing active load has already expired.